About Us

                The health of a nation reflects the health of its people. In a world of countless fatal diseases and miseries, the corporate giants reigning the medical field turn a blind eye to the suffering millions instead of helping them to lead a healthy life with their limited income.

                Every body is aware of the fact that medical field is one of the most exploited area in the business world.  ‘Charity’ is a word alien to the exploiters. It has no place in the dictionary of the corporate giants whose sole motive is profit - making.

              It is at this predicament, SOLIDARITY MEDI HELPa helping mission in medical field- has been launched  under the auspices of Solidarity Youth Movement, Vadakara. It is a humble step to help the needy people at grass-root level aimed at grace of the God.

                Undoubtedly, it is a challenge of higher importance to stretch a helping hand to the suffering lot. Join hands with us since you too have a dominant role in this noble mission.